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If you know you have a mite infestation in your home, you need professional mite pest control to get rid of mites completely.

A mite infestation might also indicate another problem (cracks & holes) in your home, Get rid of mites you'll be able to finally get some sleep...
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Dust mites live on shed human skin cells, predigested by a fungus called Aspergillus repens. It is particularly common in carpets and bedding. General cleaning does not remove these mites. In this article, we will take a look at effective ways to control dust mites. It’s best to consider mite control in Parishville if you’re dealing with a mite infestation.

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The use of high efficiency particulate air filters will assist with mite control in New York in household and other environments. Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are HEPA rated, so it is advisable to look for this rating when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

It is also essential to distinguish between HEPA-tested and rated vacuum cleaner and a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner.

  1. HEPA tested and rated vacuum cleaner. HEPA tested and rated vacuum cleaners achieve total filtration of 99.99954% at 0.3 microns.
  2. HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner A HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner – only the filter system has been tested, not the entire vacuum system.

When purchasing cleaning equipment, clients should take these factors into consideration. Questions that should be asked should include the following:

Most advice for setting up an allergen proof room includes the removal of all carpeting and rugs. The reason for this advice is that it is impossible to clean carpet. You can certainly pay companies to clean your carpets, you can rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself, you can buy one of hundreds of carpet cleaning products, but none of these really cleans the carpet. It is true that any of these methods of carpet cleaning; will remove some of the soil and make the carpets look cleaner.

But the carpet will not be clean and the allergens will not be removed or neutralized. You can think of it this way, suppose you took a heavy sweater or shirt (with lots of thick fibers) and threw it down on the floor and walked on it for 6 months. It would get pretty dirty, right?

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Then suppose you splashed the dirty shirt/sweater with some warm soapy water and then vacuumed the water out with a wet vacuum extraction system. Do you think that sweater would be clean? Of course not, and neither are your carpets after using any of the numerous methods of carpet cleaning. This is why people with allergies or asthma are told to get rid of carpet.

But what if you live in a situation that prohibits the removal of the carpet? If you live in a rental or are not in a financial position to replace the carpet with hard flooring then you need an alternative. That alternative is to focus on the allergens in the carpet and target their destruction.

Allergy is caused by a defect in the human immune system whereby harmless bits of benign proteins are mis-identified and the immune system is called into action when it is not necessary. Stopping the allergic reaction depends on stopping the exposure to the allergy causing protein. In the case of dust mites and carpets, the dust mites and their feces contain a protein (Der f1 in the US and Der p1 in Europe) that collects in the carpets. Since we have already established that you can’t clean the carpet to remove this protein another approach must be taken.

Luckily, proteins can be denatured (or deactivated) by the use of extreme heat, acids, or alkalis. Once the protein has been denatured, it will not cause the allergic reaction. The protein remains, but its structure has changed. This is exactly what happens when you cook an egg white. The white starts out as a liquid made up of about 40 different proteins, when you apply heat the amino acids that make up the proteins change structures and make new bonds. To our eyes, the eggs looks cooked but what has really happened is that the protein has been denatured.

It is not practical to apply such extreme temperatures directly to carpet. The temperature required to denature the proteins would destroy the carpet. So that leaves acids and alkalis in our tool box.

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They combine this denaturing agent with a water-based solution of surfactants that also absorbs some soil. The result with X-Mite anti-allergen powder is that the proteins are denatured and thereby made harmless and some soil is removed making the carpets appear cleaner.

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The manufacturer recommends that you always test their product on a small hidden area of the carpet before you use it. The concern is that any prior chemicals or cleaners that you have used might interact with the tanacetane and cause a reaction that might stain or discolor the carpet.

This product contains boron, which has proven effective in the control of insects in the home. It is a powder that you mix with water in a spray bottle. You spray your home and then repeat the task every four months. It will not harm fabrics and is clear and odorless so it won’t cause any allergic reactions to the residents of the home. You can spray the carpeting, the upholstery, stuffed toys as well as the mattresses and bedding.

If you feel that you really want to make sure you do have dust mites present in your home, you can use a kit that will detect the presence of these insects within ten minutes. These kits are sold individually and one kit will test one surface only during mite control. Just testing one mattress in your home may be more than you need to realize that this could be a thriving environment for millions of mites. Although you should wash your bedding in hot water at least once every two weeks and regularly clean and vacuum the floors, you can make this task easier when you use a spray for dust mites.

You can also use the solution of the spray in a carpet cleaner so that you not only kill the mites with the cleaning. The moisture you put into the carpets can lead to dust mites making their home there before it even dries, so you do give yourself additional protection by using the spray solution along with the cleaning.

The way in which this product works is that it coats the source of food for the mites. Mites feed on the dead skin cells of humans and the dander left behind by pets. When you eliminate the food source, then you eliminate the mites in mite control. If you perform a test on one surface and use this spray solution, you will see a dramatic decrease in the dust mite population if you retest the same surface after two weeks. After eight weeks, there will be no dust mites remaining.

One 8-ounce bag of the powder for the spray is sufficient for 200 square feet of carpeting. A two pound bag is enough to spray 800 square feet, but this will be reduced if you do use the solution in a carpet cleaner. You should use this product twice a year and when you start to spray your home with it, always start with the bedroom because this is where you will find the most dust mites.

Mite Infestation Factors In Parishville, NY

Understanding the factors that contribute to a mite infestation is an integral part control these pests.

  1. These pests can travel from place to place by hitchhiking in the luggage and clothing of people who came from an infested area. They are sometimes present in second hand furniture purchased in a garage sale.
  2. Mites can live up to a year without feeding. Mite control doesn’t stop until one is sure that all mites are eradicated. Missing just one or two may start the infestation all over again.
  3. These bugs can travel up to 100 feet in search of prey. Responsible mite control means thoroughly searching all parts of the house for these pests.
  4. The infestation is not a hygiene problem. Even the cleanest of houses can contain these pests. These mites do not go to a house, they are brought there.
  5. Traditional insect baits and traps do not work well on these tiny insects. Check on the proper materials used specifically for mite control.

As mentioned, these mite pests are brought to a house. Controlling these pests means being constantly aware of the factors that can cause a bird mite infestation. Regular steps to prevent mite infestation makes less worries when it comes to mite control.

Understand that mite control is a continuous process. Getting rid of the infestation does not guarantee that they won’t be returning again.

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